"Blonde Up! is a perfect read for the beach or poolside, you'll be amazed at the turns of events. Just when you think you have it all figured out, a curveball is thrown your way! I give this book two thumbs up!" 

                                            -- Amazon Review

" What a fun and entertaining read!"                                                                 -- Amazon Review

I really enjoyed this book! I love a quick read, and this delivered. It kept my interest and was super entertaining!"

                                       -- Amazon Review

"What a hoot! A great short read. Wonderful plot and fantastic characters. Wany more!

                                            -- Amazon Review

Blonde Up!

Will star-bound and reckless millennial Casey Singer trade “finally famous” for “love at last”?


Casey is a self-proclaimed brat who trusts no one. This B-list actress and model uses her body and brains to acquire superstar-status, having become skilled at covering up her hard-bought scars along the way with makeup and stage lights. Far from being an overnight success, Casey has threatened to tank her career on more than one occasion with her straight up disregard for the rules, but now, and worse yet—it appears that she is about to break one of her own. After a walk-off stint as a TV weather girl in Kansas, Casey is struck by love when a handsome record executive with soulful eyes accidentally hits her with his car on an icy pavement. Casey literally falls for him, but in addition to having a heart-stopping smile, he appears to have a secret life that keeps him just out of reach. No matter. Casey has zero room in her life for anything as unpredictable as romance. And, as luck would have it, is now slated for the job of her dreams as the millennial celebrity chosen to co-host a new cutting-edge network talk show, The Gab.


When the ultimate moment of truth arrives, Casey is forced to make a crucial and impossible choice—her career, or the toughest role of her life?

Pop! Flash!


Will fashion mogul and ball-busting achiever, Kathryn Delacorte trade her glittering dreams for a chance at reclaiming a broken past? 


Kathryn is a ball-busting achiever, outshining even her wildest entrepreneurial aspirations as a fashion industry mogul at the helm of High Style magazine. This power-driven diva is chosen to fill the first chair as co-host for Global Studio’s new daytime talk show, The Gab. But Kathryn’s rise to fame is hardly blazed with floodlights and accolades. From the backwater roads of Louisiana to the spirited revelry of New Orleans, the Lone Star State, and beyond, a humble and challenging past, fraught with hardship, sacrifice, and secrets threatens to change everything as she is about to take her much-deserved place in the spotlight. 

Now, with this new opportunity looming, will Kathryn be ready to finally conquer the all-consuming regret from her past that continues to haunt her, in hopes of fully claiming a life of happiness, far beyond her glittering dreams?


When the world is your runway, you make the rules . . .

Hot Mic! 

Hannah is a mom with a Ph.D. and a Savior Complex, yet somehow along the way, this benevolent radio psychologist forgets about the most important rescue of all—her own.


Pop-psychologist Dr. Hannah is radio royalty. At the top of her game and quick to dispense advice to an audience of listeners hungry for her special brand of self-help served at fifty thousand watts, Hannah’s rising star does not go unnoticed. When TV Producer Bumpy Friedman is ready to cast his next juggernaut for his all woman talkfest, Hannah proves to be an ideal fit as one of the show’s four fiery and dynamic hosts.


But behind the scenes, Hannah is navigating her own minefield of real-life crises, including a shaky marriage, a mid-life fourth-born who is now a teenager, an ailing parent, and a set of adorable twin granddaughters who need her – all at a time when most boomers would be contemplating retirement. Unfortunately for Hannah, her sixtieth birthday is just the beginning of her new life ahead. One that will be filled with hard choices and challenges that will not only test her mettle, but also help her—and the world—see her true worth.

Sign On!
A failing network. A desperate producer. An unscripted all-woman talkfest to the rescue!

Chief Executive Producer, Bumpy Friedman has a vision: the need for a new daytime television show that would deliver the ratings—and save his job in the process. He would create a new approach to serving up the latest news and gossip—a daily talk show hosted by four high-profile women of varying ages who are authorities on everything from pop-culture to fashion; fiction-writing to interpersonal relationships, all presented in a no-holds-barred forum that would leave viewers with something to talk about.


But before the contract deals are sealed, and the dotted lines, signed—a myriad of highly guarded life secrets and shocking revelations convey the truths behind each woman’s scintillating and scandalous persona on their way to the coveted chairs on the set of The Gab.


Sign On! the pre


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