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Meet Casey!

Casey Singer is a self-proclaimed brat who trusts no one. This B-list actress and model uses her body and brains to obtain superstar-status. Casey is far from an overnight success and has become skilled at covering up her hard-bought scars with make-up and stage lights in order to claim her place in the spotlight.


After a walk-off stint as a TV weather girl in Kansas, Casey is struck by love when a handsome record executive with soulful eyes accidentally hits her with his car on an icy pavement. Casey literally falls for him, but in addition to having a heart-stopping smile, he appears to have a secret life that keeps him just out of reach. No matter. Casey has zero room in her life for anything as unpredictable as romance. And, as luck would have it, is now slated for the job of her dreams as the millennial chosen to co-host a new cutting-edge network talk show, The Gab.

When the ultimate moment of truth arrives, Casey is forced to make a crucial and impossible choice—her career, or the toughest role of her life?


Blonde Up! is a fast-paced, indulgent read where love and lust for fame compete for Hollywood gold. This book is the first in the four-part “Secrets and Stilettos” series by Jamie Collins, author of must-read women’s fiction about the all-woman ensemble cast of daytime’s newest talkfest.


A star on the rise. An off-chance love affair. One will have to take off without her.

Casey Singer is back and more determined than ever. No longer the wild child who once traded love for the spotlight, a decision that cost her more than a broken heart. As she emerges from the spotlight time-tested and even hungrier for the perks of fame—she learns that the one that got away is about to be married to a nobody. This news sets Casey off on a quest to clear the decks and push the limits in order to redeem her stagnating career as the well-heeled talk show juggernaut heads into its seventh award-winning year, and Casey suddenly finds herself without an agent.

With her biggest fear coming to light, Casey once again proves that old habits die hard and goes on a bender that lands her squarely in a hotel room in Vegas with a hangover and wearing a wedding ring of her own!

But nobody is better than Casey at turning mishap into opportunity. She does not know the meaning of giving up. In fact, she is simply getting started. 


Pretty Sensation! is the first book in the “Show Series,” the continuation of Jamie Collins’ women’s fiction wild ride!


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