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Want To Join My Street Team?

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What is a Street Team, you might ask? A Street Team, or Advanced Reader Team, is a special club that you can join for FREE that will score you advanced copies of my books, exclusive giveaways just for the team, bonus content, fun contests (like the opportunity to have a future character named after you!), scoop on upcoming books in the series, media/promotional updates, video chats, and more!


Your opinions and loyalty deserve to be rewarded, so developing this team is my way of saying thanks and including YOU in my crazy process of creating and publishing fun and entertaining fiction. Street Team members will always receive advanced copies of my new books for FREE and you can leave your reviews on any of the major retail outlet review pages where my books are sold.


I will even be asking for Beta Readers from time to time to test new content and ideas.


If you are up for the ride, want to meet some of my most awesome friends and readers, like to get FREE books, and enjoy sharing your personal reviews, all you have to do is click below. The link will take you to my Stilettos Street Team Sign-Up Form.

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